An Inmate’s Response

After every musical gift we present at a correctional institution, we receive multiple communications from both inmates and institution staff. Our extraordinary collaboration with the TSO at Collins Bay and Warkworth was no exception.

“As a direct result of your visit here, I found myself listening to music that I would normally never hear. I now watch musicals on television and even live concerts regardless of the performer or language. I took out books from our library on classical music and paintings as well as other topics formerly disregarded by my bias.”


“Yesterday you were gracious enough to return to our institution. This time, I sat down in the first row! The performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was fantastic. I was genuinely touched that the members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra stayed and not only fielded questions, but mingled with the inmates. I can tell you that it is very rare for someone to willingly come here, let alone want to be here. The artists listened to everyone and the passion they exuded was evident.”

You can read this inmate’s full correspondence here. (PDF 70K)


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Warkworth Medium Security Institution with the TSO

CBC’s Michael Enright provides exceptional coverage of our recent Millhaven event

On October 11, 2019, Looking at the Stars presented a piano trio at Millhaven Maximum Security Institution. It was our third visit to Millhaven and the FIRST to be recorded by a major media outlet. CBC Radio One The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright created an extraordinary recording of the event, including interviews with Millhaven’s Warden and some insightful commentary from inmates.

CBC has also posted Michael Enright’s personal essay on his experience here. (Click to open in a new tab)

We are sincerely grateful for Michael’s attention to our work and very impressed with the technical abilities of his sound crew, who recorded this classical music event in Millhaven’s gymnasium to produce a recording of amazing quality!

Please share this post with your friends and family. It is an excellent summary of everything Looking at the Stars is about! Donations to our work are gratefully received at

Tune in to CBC Radio One The Sunday Edition 2019/11/10 at 11am

Have you ever been inside a maximum security prison?

Join us on Sunday, November 10 at 11am.

CBC Radio One The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright presents a recording of
our recent classical music gift to inmates at CSC Millhaven Maximum Security Institution.

This was (and is) an historic event.

This is our THIRD event at Millhaven Maximum Security Institution and the FIRST time a major media organization records such an event for public presentation. Please don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience our work.