RCM Glenn Gould School String Quartet at BCI Minimum Facility for Restorative Justice Week

As part of Corrections Service Canada’s Restorative Justice Week programme, the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Glenn Gould School String Quartet presented a recital in the gym at BCI Minimum Facility.  It was attended by approximately 80 inmates, institution management, chaplains, and volunteers. Attendees included our Chairman, Mr. Bob Rae and his wife Arlene, our invaluable supporter Mr. Rob Oliphant MP, his parliamentary assistant Kevin Lemkay, our counsel from Miller Thomson, Mr. Andrew Valentine, and our partner and supporter, Mr. Frank Verni.  Barry Shiffman, the inspirational founder of the quartet, presented a classical program, which included works of Bach, Pachabel, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, and others.

Mr. Shiffman engaged in an interactive and inspirational dialogue about classical music with the audience, together with his young talented colleagues. The inmates’ responses were extremely positive. Following the music performance, they invited the musicians and volunteers to the chapel and treated all of us with cookies and tea. Conversations were struck, questions were raised and answered, and emotions were shared. Hope and optimism filled the air.

Looking at the Stars Founder, Dmitri Kanovich, Keynote speaker at Restorative Justice Week

Dmitri delivered a successful keynote address to a group of about 25 inmates, gathered in the chapel at BCI Minimum Security as part of Correctional Service Canada’s Restorative Justice Week programme. The group engaged in a lively and candid conversation together with chaplains Douglas Parrett and Bruce Aitken. Real stories were shared; concerns and hopes were discussed. Fences and barriers between all present were dismantled. Seeds of faith, hope and optimism were planted.