Looking at the Stars Lithuania

Looking at the Stars is successfully setting foot in the European Union. Our Lithuanian team presented FIVE classical music events to three Lithuanian prisons and a special last-minute event to refugees from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq in a local Refugee Reception Centre in Rukla.

Top Lithuanian performers, pianist Darius Mazintas, violinist Dalia Dedinskaite and cellist Gleb Pyshniak gifted classical music masterpieces from Chopin, Halvorsen, Schuman, and others to an audience of approximately 500 inmates and 100 refugees.

Our prison concerts are actively supported by the Prison Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice. All four prison concerts were attended by the Head of the Department and his cabinet members.

Except for the Refugee event, which was a last-minute surprise, all concerts were covered by Lithuanian National media. We are encouraged by the reception our events received and we are looking forward to many more such events in the future.