[UPDATE] Bath Medium Security Institution – April 9, 2018



TSO String Trio (Katrina Chitty, viola; Mark Skazinetsky,  violin; Igor Gefter, cello)


CSC Staff:

120 minutes

Our third (!) Event at Bath, one of the biggest Medium Security Institutions in the country (hosts almost 500 inmates) was very different from the previous two. The majority of this more mature and more sophisticated audience was already familiar with us and has been anticipating our visit. Everyone present was genuinely and deeply engaged throughout the event – some almost exceedingly emotional. The interaction was intense and meaningful.

It was provoked by yours truly, who in my opening remarks reminded everyone present – in addition to about 40+ inmates attending, Nancy Kinsman, Warden; Gord Zuber, Assistant Warden and a chaplain there – about Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine as well as those in the hospitals, terminally ill… Later in the show I spoke again about Humboldt Broncos and Canada, reminding everyone, including myself about our joint good luck of BEING a part of this incredible country…

Men behind bars seem to be fond of people, who come across as imperfect and uncomfortably honest with themselves (no fake news). What does not work outside prison, works exceptionally well inside – you must be an actor outside… No wonder I feel at home in prison.

The “moment of truth” was a quiz about my tweed jacket and an associated inspirational story, originating in a flea market in Rome in 1983.

In the meantime, a Hungarian Dance by Brahms was acknowledged with appreciation by a member in the audience with roots in Austria and another member with roots in Hungary. The former was exposed to music by his strict aristocratic Viennese mother, who would follow him, when he practised piano, suggesting, that “You should not try to play better, than Mozart”… The latter was overwhelmed with the memories of his tragically lost father, listening to gypsys in a Budapest café… Another member of the audience, who has spent 57 of his 77 years on this earth in prison stood up and told everyone, that he can share a story about this exact same jacket and that he now is optimistic about the future.

In the meantime, an inspired and fully focused Stan Harwood created his No.4 painting, which will now become Looking at the Stars Bath Trademark and shared his thoughts about the process with the audience.

As in Collins Bay Medium case, yours truly gifted the Inmate Committee Chairman with his father’s inspirational autobiography. At the end we did manage to schmooze with those dozen, who wanted to speak with us all. They have all asked us to return as soon as possible.

A few days later I got a call from Bath staff verifying our mailing address and advising me of the reason – Bath Inmate Committee will be sending us another donation! I guess we are doing something right…